Friday, November 12, 2010

Sketch Cards


One more art thing looking up for me~

I had previously sent an email request to Rittenhouse to become one of their sketch card artists, and they responded they were on a scout for their next Marvel set and requested samples~ I might be featured in a sketch card set~~

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moving up~!

Things are starting to realize that my excursions are not quite so invain~

I have received my first real job for art~! For my commission work, I'm helping to design pokemon trainers/gym leaders and the like for a small project that has a good chance of making it into the real deal. That's pretty bad ass people~ And I feel really good.

Also, my request list is PACKED @-@ I feel some of my hard work is paying off.

Wish me luck~

Here's a sample of a pokemon gym leader I made on my own, in the Sugimori style~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Step By Step- Colored Pencils

Okays guys, thought I'd share with you all how I color my stuff, starting with my colored pencil techniques. It's not great, but it works~!

The picture I'm gonna use is a fanart I did of Amber Sweet from Repo the Genetic Opera(an excellent movie). I'm going to try and share a good deal of the process with you, so bear with me~!

Step 1. Pick you character/get refs.

For any normal picture, you need ot have a clear idea of WHO you're going to draw. In this case, it's a fanart, and as such it's important to have references. From memory is good, but unless you have a photographic memory, it's good to have a few back up pictures for those little details of their face or outfit.

The reference I used for Amber was this:

I really liked her final outfit, it's one of my favorites~ Plus it's her shining moment in the film~

Step 2. Pose/ Draft

Once you have a good visula in your head of who you're drawing, it's good to plot out a pose and make a rough draft. Believe it or not, this can be the most difficult part >-> Poses are essential to a picture, and you need to make sure it works, or you're picture's gonna look like ass.

This is my rough:

Step 3. Sketch

Now that basics for everyone is covered, next thing I do is sketch the beginnings of my final draft out. I like this part the most~ You never have to try too hard, and you can be as messy as you want at this stage.

Step 4. Inking

Next I ink the main lines of my sketch. You can use anything for this, from a ballpoint pen to a professional marker, whatever you need to. Sicne this picture's for me and I'm not really trying to impress anyone with it, I just used a black Papermate ballpoint.

Then after you ink you can start cleaning up you lines by erasing the extra pencil marks. Then you have a nice clena picture to color.


Step 5. First Layer

Okay NOW we get down to coloring.... Color in small circles so that your strokes are less notcieable. It really helps the picture to look better.

I add the first layer, since the jacket in the picture has a lot of blue, it's the first color I set down for her clothes. Doesn't necessarily meant hat they'll stay that way or won't chnage with the lighting in MY picture, but it's a good base either way. I put a very light brown down for her hair and you can't really see it, but I did color her skin a little.

Step 6. More Layering

I skipped a little, cause it's a smidge of a pain to halt my zone and remember to scan ^^0

But basically I made the blue a little darker, and fixed up her hair quite a bit(there's like a bagillion layers on it @-@) Her skin has a couple more layers too, but again my scanner sucks and you can't really see it.

Step 7. Add Black

Now I start adding black to the outfit, making it more recognizable to the picture.

Again TONS of layering involved here, there's at least 5 in this for black alone. This takes a long time, you have to be patient.

Step 8. Logo & More Skin

Now we work on the GeneCo Logo behind her~

First I colored the red "Co" then I outlined the letters using white and gray. For an extra, last minute effect, I looked up a picture of the logo itself and decided to add the little spinny things and the circles, so it looks a little less plain.

For the skin, I started adding orange, darker shades of peach, and even some whtie to bring it out a little more. Again, it's a constant battle with me and my scanner.....

Step 9. Finito~

For the final touches, I outlined the GeneCo in black, and shaded some gray in certain places around Amber, fixed the resolution and the brightness/contrast scale on my scanner, and.... TA-DA~!

All done~ This took about a 24 hour period, but to be fair I didn't work on it all at once.

You can also see the finished stuffs on my devinatART:

Okay, well that's it for now~ Hopefully I can get my next step by step up for watercolor~ Remember, commissions are STILL OPEN~! So please look into me~!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random, But....

Sorry, but I had to share, cause... well you'll see.

How many people went "..." at the refrain...? Am I the only one...? >->

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I signed up for an Artbreak account today~! I will posting some works on it that will be for sale, so do take a look.

My ARtbreak account:

Update (and Commissions Ad)

Howdy all~

Really nothing much happening in my personal realm here, but I thought'd I'd give anybody who would listen an update on my art doings~

The first in my devil girl pinup series~! Here it is:

The devil pinup series will be available for sale as posters here when the whole of it is finished, or you can drop by deivantART and buy a print right now. My deviantART:

Also~ I am now accepting commissions~! I could really use the money, so pretty please, give me some consideration~! Here's what you need to know if you're interested:

I'll draw any character you want person or animal, and I range from a simple sketch to full color(watercolor or colored pencil). I'm not real saavy at backgrounds or nature or anything so, please, I wouldn't ask for them >-> I do ask that you be specific with what you want....

I am willing to do multiple characters in one picture, and I am willing to do scenes(yes, even dirty ones if you'd like O-o). I will do fanart, or OCs. Yaoi or Yuri....

Sheep and farmers....

You know, whatever you want lol

My prices:

Chibi- $1
Sketch, thighs up/bust- $2
Sketch, full body- $4
Colored pencil, thighs up/bust - $4
Colored pencil, full body - $6
Watercolor, thighs up/bust - $6
Watercolor, full body - $8

Add an extra dollar for each additional character you want to add in the pictures.
I can only accept Paypal payments~

Thanks everyone~! Till next time.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


God my day started out so good too >-<

I was fine till I got to my driving school even fine for the first half an hour there. My regular instructor was gone for the second day in a row, I was cool with that too, because the chick who fills in for her(this chick also owns the school) is usually pretty cool. I don't mind her to say the least...

Until today anyway.

She left the room to handle something in her office, which is understandable since obviously, she needs to do her actual job as well as sub in. Wasn't bothered by that. While my class and I were waiting for her to come back, I had a fairly random urge to sift through my notebook to help pass time, just flip through the pages real fast, nothing too big. And in the back I have(or should I say had) a few doodles that I'd drawn a little over a week ago, and as I was passing them in my flipping, my teacher somehow managed to ninja her way behind me in her black stiletto heels(a feat I must say I'm quite impressed with >->) and without warning swooped down on my notebook, snatching it.

Accusing me of drawing RIGHT THEN, without giving me any room for explanation, she RIPPED the pages out of my notebook(yes, she did flip through some pages, I guess to check if there were more pictures) and showed them to the class, proclaiming that "we have an artist in here" and proceeding to tell them what each picture was, and then telling me that I now get the wonderful plasure of writing an essay on one of the pictures about how driver's education is more important than drawing. Meanwhile, I'm left stammering uselessly, trying to find a space in all her endless talking to defend myself.


Okay, first of all, bravo. I commend this woman on her punishment techiniques. Covered every base she possibly could, right down the humiliation of the accused. But I would really have a lot more respect and admiration for her though IF I HAD BEEN DRAWING IN THE FIRST PLACE. >-<

Here are some of my MAIN issues with all this....

First of all.....


What the duck farts do you give a rat's pattotie if I draw in it? I paid for it. It's mine. I was NEVER drawing while there was a lesson actively in progress. So.... butt the hell out. Even if you'd had the right to take the doodle you thought I was working on YOU HAD NO RIGHT to take my others. Stole my property is what she did


You're getting paid either way, right? If you're so worried that I'm too distracted to be learning properly(which by the way, is not true; I have been active and participating in class, I have taken good notes, AND I have gotten good grades on quizzes and the like) then flunk me.

3. Do not treat me like a grade schooler.

An essay, really? I haven't had to write a disciplinary essay since I was in fifth grade. I'm an adult. Granted, a fairly new adult, but I am still an adult. Please treat me with some dignity and respect. I think I'm passed the point in my life where your methods are tolerable. If you have a problem with me, talk to me privately, and like a person.

I guess that's all I have on that for now >-> Just needed to get it off my chest some more.

Now I guess I'm off to write my godforsaken essay for tomorrow....

Anyway since I feel I should always put up at least one picture a post, here's a Poison Ivy sketch. This is also on one of my DeviantArt's. Enjoy~